Change these Windows 10 settings for a better experience (How To)

Change these Windows 10 settings for a better experience (How To)

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These default Windows 10 settings are worth changing.

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Lorenzo Arredondo says:

Better experience by turning off Cortana and disabling syncing across devices? Whomever made this video sure doesn't understand Windows 10. Windows 10 is better because of features like Cortana and syncing across devices.

Geek Made says:

What is the music in this video?

Dominic Flynn says:

It was hard to read tips and see then preformed at the same time, talking would has been better, also these are just turning things off, not really helpfully

Roni Kwang says:

What the freak? I watch videos to HEAR people talk about stuff. If I want to read I'll go read an article.

Simon Taylor (Sim) says:

why turn off everything?  Wait….

switch to mac if u don't want any modern features. Bcz mac don't have any!

Nazmus Shakib Khandaker (NazmusLabs) says:

The title is misleading. I WANT to sync my favorites and settings. I WANT to use cortana. This video is about privacy, not a better experience. If you use chrome, do you bother turning off sync on that?

marko mitrovic says:

lol they are just turning off all of microsoft's effort into making a universal system….

Sondre Hille-Krumsvik says:

Thanks for the tips.Though I prefer to have Music at a low volume in the background and hear someone read the tips.

Naiv 69 says:

i didnt know about the first one, thanks

Yathu prem says:

Thank you CNET !!

lvlaple4Ever says:

Wow, CNET actually posted something useful for once.

Ganesh Kumar says:

windows 10 is 10*times faster than windows 7 i love it's speed.

unknown94 says:

So lame, all you doing is turning off everything.

Chevifier says:

Change to Windows 7 for a better experience

ESDACIO44 says:

Next show us how to stop Linux from showing us ads and tracking us… Oh wait, only proprietary software does that!

jawbreaker says:

or better yet download spybot anti-beacon which will kill of most of those spy features, or even better go back to real offline windows like 7.

Michael Pavia says:

What I'd like you know is how to stop Windows from installing apps on its own, like 3D builders and other shit!

Jason “MrDonkeyKong369” says:

how do you mirror messages from your phone?

cyrus r says:

Thanks Lexy great job! ;)

nextsef says:

Windows 10 is sooooo creepy

Red Smith says:

What I hate about these types of videos is that it is all too personal. I like all my settings and passwords synced across all my machines. Why turn this off? Are people just blindly supposed to follow these tips, tricks and F Ups?

zaghy2zy says:

This video should be renamed, "How to keep your privacy in Windows 10"

Peter Giftos says:

Why would you shut all of the settings off that are there to assist you? Windows 10 is a modern operating system. by shutting all the useful features off you're crippling all the benefits you'll receive from Windows 10. if you want an archaic operating system switch a Mac. You'll have OS X.

Ken Heslip says:

Not sure if all of these are for the better in a modern convenient OS. I guess if you want to cripple it and go back to the dark ages. Why not suggest how to turn off WiFi while you're at it.

hyun kyu park says:

To turn off most of setting is better.

Quaalid Rutherford says:

Thanks for the tips CNET!

Blueno CP9 says:

Thank you CNET! Always got ya boi's back!

Nick says:

With Windows XP, 7, or 8.1 I don't NEED to change any settings for a better experience.

Yigit Gungor says:

Typical CNET, disable every good feature of Windows 10:

1- Don't let Cortana learn to know you so it won't give personal suggestions, because Siri is not on Mac YET they don't want competition
2- Don't sync with your Windows or Android phone, so iMessage will look like only option on the market
3- Turn off notifications from websites and apps because Mac doesn't have them YET

so when your experience sucks you (Average User) will say "Wait if I'm not using features of Windows 10, what are the differences that sets Mac and Windows apart, I should get a Mac"…

None of these settings will make your PC run faster or smoother or any better, it'll just make it harder for you to experience Windows 10's features.

Net Brook says:

Switch to Mac for better experience

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