How to Setup Rockminer R-Box using Raspberry Pi and cgminer

How to Setup Rockminer R-Box using Raspberry Pi and cgminer

This video will show you how to setup a R-Box using a Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi Software (version 0.3.0) Download…



Eyeboot says:

Raspberry Pi Model B+ (new version with 4 usb ports) Mini Computer/Mining
Controller, Buy here now:
Eyeboot (Cheaper)

Eyeboot says:

Mustafa Şengül,

You can watch the video here to find out how to setup with raspberry pi:

Same procedure but with the old r-box.

VocaloidMau5 says:

You should really make a setup video like this for the New Rockminer R-Box
110 gh/s
I would love to know how to set it up with the raspberry pi.

Dylan Moore says:

Lol his wifi is called stop using my internet

william dubus says:

So i’m just now starting out have no idea how to do this. How do i hook the
raspberry pi up to my wallet?

FluffyCarrotProductions says:

Will i be able to use a Raspbery Pi model b+ because it has 4 USB ports not
just 2 like the model b or do i have to use a Model b

luisch1980 says:

123456 isnt working for me

harvey lynden says:

I’ve already got one r box but im wondering what is the process to add the
next rbox.

Billy Winter says:

I get this when trying to extract the img from the rar.

CRC failed in RaspberryPi_Rockminer_RBoxV0.3.1.img. The file is corrupt
Unexpected end of archive

nick black says:

can I all so hook up my 5 antminer u2 or is there a compatibility issue ?

Mustafa Şengül says:

new rbox 110ghs in this link :

how to connect with raspberry pi ?
i downloaded your website raspberry images and windiskimager.
can you help me ? thank you.

harvey lynden says:

how do i do this with the rasperry pi b+

Boris Vrcek says:

Can I buy let say 5 R Boxes and connect them to USB hub same way as ASIC
USB miners?

antoine van de loo says:

I have some rock miners r-box on the rasberry pi with software from rocket
miner but I can those things overclocking with antminer s1 worked well with
a windows program that enter commands I could because the freq change would
I be able to log in with that program because rocket miner also do so

The Lone Aesir says:

This is a great video for anyone looking to do this setup.
If you want to skip the direct connect through your local area network you
can always log into your router and see what the IP address is for the RPI
then use that to direct connect.
One question thought. under miner config there is a “frequency” field. What
is this for? and what should it be set at for optimum conditions?

TheArchevil says:

I have to reboot my system every once in a while, because my miners stop
mining (i have 2 in the same pool) after a while.
Do you know how i can fix this?
And are 2 miners in the same pool better than one?
They seem to be taking turn in mining.

Renee Paz says:

Hi I changed the frequency from 290 to 310 via RMUI, after reboot, it
immediately has 3 errors, is this normal, also do I need to update firmware
on miner too, the instructions on what to type is not very clear, please

jose yordi sigarate selfra says:

hi, i setup my rock with raspbarry, but work at only 33 Gh/s, with cgminer
on windows go at 38 gh/s
. Can you tell me the corect setup of the freq ? thx

John Wallace says:

yea ther is still full power i can no find it on my hub ore connect a
screen to it nothink just a red light but a total wipe and re install duz
the trick but im haveing to do this every uther day :(

Gordon Gekko says:

After a switch from windows PC to Rpi,Mining speed down 10gh/s and will not
stay connected for more than a few hours. Any thoughts/help on this ?

Billy Winter says:

So I’m trying to format my sdcard after putting this rockminer software on
it and there’s a file called “.trashes” on the card that is read only. Any
idea how to get rid of it? If I delete it it just pops right back up. Try
un checking the box in properties and doesnt work.

idkzero says:

can I run different types of devices with the r-box along with this
version? e.g. I want to run 4 antminer u2 and a fury scrypt miner? how
would i go about this?

dataa2 says:

How about one like this for your NEW R-Box so we can see it set up and
running on raspberry pi 

lloyd L says:

How do you set up multiple rbox devices 

antoine van de loo says:

I wondered who Raspberry Pi software how can I use it as dhcp I connect it
to a network swich
when r box v0.3.0? I do not come back now try v0.3.1
do not know if that is the same that first topped the other scroll further
down that last link caught then try
if that is not possible might be useful to make that it can
or can someone help me

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