Information Technology vs Computer Science

Information Technology vs Computer Science

This video gives you insight about. Information Technology vs Computer Science .

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flip simple says:

Just wondering which is better for the Video Game Industry or is both fine?

Konstantinos Kappos says:

hey I'm 14 and i started pascal language of programming ..What should i learn secondly? C++,and then?…Also what has more theories between of IT-ICT-CS?

馬克 says:

Which do you think is harder and which one is more employable

Tharasian says:

Lets say someone earned Bachelors in CS can they continue in Software Engineering when they want to earn Masters degree?

james ark says:

Which one is better?

Urge says:

great work!

Daniel ilavarasan says:

my ambiton is i want to become an software eng but im so weak in maths and i want to choose 1 now bsc computer science or bsc information technolgy can u tell me which is best for me pls? also i need help with online courses

Lwin Htet says:

what's ur thoughts on informatics?

Egg Storm says:

3:39 i died…for some reason

Dhananjay Panage says:

c++ language is used in ? (Computer Engineering or Computer Science or IT)

jalal majid says:

i have a goal of becoming a mobile developer ( Android and ios ). but idk which one is best for me to start from . what can you recommend for me? and do you have other suggestions? i would love to hear a reply from you!

Greson sage says:

I like I T but don't know where to start. Please I need help.

Kyndal Harp says:

Hi I'm looking into being a Web Developer—more website heavy? I'm a computer science major now but I'm considering changing my major to IT with a concentration in Web and Multimedia Foundations. I'm willing to push through for CS if need be but I'm wondering if the IT major & concentration would be an easier route to my goal?

prateek sharma says:

what to opt. for a better placement in future b/w CSE & IT

Bryan says:

Can a computer science major later go on to IT and vice versa, down the path?

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