Raspberry Pi Centro Player Kit, MP3 player and Internet Radio

Raspberry Pi Centro Player Kit, MP3 player and Internet Radio

It is my intention to offer all or part of this as a kit. This box contains a raspberry Pi board plus a front panel display board. To the right of the box on…



Wallhult says:

really crappy music but the box was cool

Dave Marvin says:

Hi John,
Wonder if you could tell me what you used for the case,
as I have built a similar one but stuck on finding a suitable case.


Looks like a Riocar / empeg to me, or a rip thereof… even down to the
software screen saver. :-/

Héphaïx Anon says:

Is there a way to cleanly add an optical spdif output?

Hélio Silva says:

Are you selling it by now?
I would be interested to get one kit from you!

Dave Marvin says:

What a great project,
By the way RS has the NCP1403SNT1G boost converter back in stock,
Looking forward to the project being avalable, (fingers crossed)

Shane hardesty says:

awesome, this tops a project my friends did in 06 with a PC CPU and car
audio equipment in a barracks room. fully function bluetooth and and
remote, as good as a shelf speaker system if not better. But this,
Raspberry Pi ftw

9002pepe says:

which is the PSU ICyou need??, model and format?

Eric W. says:


Jorge MA says:

Man i want one, write me vectorjm@gmail.com

9002pepe says:

OK, I hope to have it soon, I’m interested. What is the IC you need?, I
have much knowledge in electronics, hardware, not software. I use to design
my circuits Altium designer. Tell me anything you can help in hardware. no
economic interest is hobby. Thanks

jonshouse1 says:

Its a 256×64 pixel Organic LED display. I am only driving it a 128×32
resolution though. The display area is roughly 8x2cm. The one in the video
is blue, they are also available in green and yellow. I will update the
description to link to a web page when the kit is ready, I am building the
boards over the next couple of weeks 🙂

jonshouse1 says:

Its an “ON-Semi” branded boost converter. Used to generate 14 volts for the
O-LED module. NCP1403SNT1G, Radiospares UK order code 464-182. I can work
around the problem by putting a small converter on a small PCB and using
that instead, but it would be simpler to put the correct part on the PCB.

Massenhaft1 says:


vEducation says:

Amazing! do you sell the kit?

Massenhaft1 says:

Hi, i habe found your display driver by SF.net….but no description ab out
the driver chip. Can post a shop link for the oled display?

jonshouse1 says:

The software is open source, the hardware is NOT. I will not be sending
anyone schematics or the PIC code. If the PSU IC ever comes back into stock
I will start selling them on Ebay. If the IC does not come back into stock
I may have to produce an additional board to get things going. One day I
will sell the kits, sorry for the delays.

Massenhaft1 says:

What kind of display do you use?

9002pepe says:

I really like your project, I would like to mount it to my house. Please
can send me to my private menssage, the schematics, hex file for PIC, to
prove it.

diomaiaal says:

Damn it’s really cool, the housing ir really nice, plus display is nice
either. Congrats for this project, really nice in my opinion

watani1972 says:

Whoa, nice! Can you prehaps tell us what the kit would cost? will it fit
into a DIN car radio slot? does it support resume play of an mp3 after
turning the power off? Does the software allow the readout of one or more
temperature (DS18B20)sensors? (sorry, Im a linux n00b..) Keep up the good
work, Im looking foreward for an update 🙂

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