Soundstream VRN-DD7HB First Dual-Screen Car Stereo | CES 2017

Soundstream VRN-DD7HB First Dual-Screen Car Stereo | CES 2017

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The VRN-DD7HB by Soundstream is the first ever dual-screen car stereo! This unit has the ability to operate with 1 or 2 screens. Perfect for trips when you need to use your navigation, but also want access to other controls at the same time. This is truly a one of a kind unit!

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mattypisme says:

oh boy 2 motorized screens to fuck up and get idea but bound to be shit quality for the price

RWL2012 says:

This product is the end of Soundstream 🙁 My XTA480.2 will power my mids and highs till I die

H O IR i IZ O N says:

I only care about 24/192 plus why two screens is this the Nintendo 3DS?

SE-R Garage says:

I want to buy it rn

Care says:

Looks like an installers nightmare

Ernest Gary says:

Wow all the more reason to not pay attention to the road… whilst completely lost "usinggps" you can further take your eyes off the road to watch porn while driving somewhere you have never been. Nice

tman229 says:

How come I can only find one seller selling them and it's from Ebay? Also, the price I see for that seems pretty low.

Johnny Bouldin says:

This got stolen from the show floor. Only working unit they had.

Michael Wilson says:

When will this be available?

ed elsey says:

Does it offer Dolby Noise Reduction and auto reverse? I've got a LOT of cassettes…cant wait to play them on this !!

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