Tech Hack | Windows 10 Tips: Sync Your Desktop to Cloud

Tech Hack | Windows 10 Tips: Sync Your Desktop to Cloud

How to easily sync your desktop and files to OneDrive in Windows 10, and enable a universal experience across all of your devices.

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mary Day says:

When you move a folder to one drive as you show here do you lose it on your PC? Do you have to do all your work on the OneDrive? I am new to the cloud and an looking to sync files from my PC to OneDrive and also to my laptop.

Daniel Reign says:

I would like to know if it is possible to apply this concept to a Mac OS X desktop. I've attempted to apply this method using Mountain Lion and I can't figure out how to do it.

scott uhwat says:

your are very knowledgable. however, if you refine the video so as there are fewer crossover corrections and you will greatly improve the presentation. i can appreciate this video because i am new to using a computer as a tool instead of just surfing the web and saving things in a bookmarks.

Kevin Nicholls says:

This was AWESOME- I was looking for something exactly like this. Perfect. Thanks!

DigitalDan says:

Awesome man — I never realized you could move the default directories to OneDrive like this. I was a total evangelist for OneDrive……until they removed placeholders for Win10….now it's almost useless to me. I'm a photographer and video guy and use both a desktop and a Surface Pro for my work. The Surface has 500gb, but I had over 1tb in pics and vids for my work…..impossible to sync on the Surface. Placeholders was the perfect solution………..but they killed it :(

Valianthus says:

Thanks for the video. I have a query here. I have just installed Windows 10 from Windows 7. On Windows 7, I have several folders and files on my desktop. When Windows 10 installation is completed, I saw none of these folders anymore on my desktop. I checked OneDrive and it only contains 3 empty folders (Documents, Pictures, Public) unlike what you showed in this video. Also I am being told that I am using a temporary account.

1. How do I recover all my files and folders in my desktop (Windows 7) to Windows 10?2. How do I change my temporary account to a normal account?Appreciate your reply. Thanks.

Farket says:

Great video. Has this system changed at all in the last six months?

Dwayne Gradin says:

Brilliant solution — thanks for the tip!

IsraelyRulzz says:

When i try to move the desktop folder(the only one i need) it says access after denied i press apply

Gary Armstrong says:

Thanks – well done!

Todd Cecil says:

Great introduction video to Windows 10 and tips on how to get started….

I had a question, maybe you could help. I just downloaded my Windows 10 upgrade today on my Desktop Home Computer after already upgrading my laptop earlier in the week….and I spent over an hour creating and setting up my Start Menu, laying it out and placing the APPS in certain categories that I created and then thought…why when I log into my Laptop…..the Start Menu is NOT the same layout? Do I have to recreate this once again??!! On every Windows computer I have?

I did some research online and discovered you could back-up your settings with One Drive but it doesn't carry over my Start Menu set-up that I spent all of my time on. I would like to have my Start Menu look the same where ever I login to, or what ever computer I login to with my Microsoft account….Am I doing something wrong?

Thank You, Todd

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